Case Studies

Service: R&D Tax Credit
Industry: Medical Device Manufacturing
Location: Atlanta, GA
Company Size: 400 Employees
Background: The Client is a leader in the design and manufacturing of spinal medical devices.
Result: Client was previously taking credit with another provider before CTA spoke with their product engineers and management to determine there was qualifying activity beyond what they were calculating previously. The result was a higher credit for both Federal and Georgia tax returns.

Service: R&D Tax Credit
Industry: Architecture & Engineering
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Company Size: 250 Employees
Background: One of the largest hotel design firms in the country with offices all over the US.
Result: President was skeptical that an architect would even qualify for something called “R&D Credit”. After meeting with client and their CPA, we explained and outlined all of their qualifying activity. Client was open to capturing previous year credits and we were able to capture $100K per tax year for a total of $400K in usable tax credits.

Service: 179D
Industry: Architect
Location: Lubbock, TX
Company Size: 300 Employees
Background: CTA Client who was taking the R&D Tax Credit with us. They had never looked into taking the 179D deduction because of what they saw as a long tedious allocation process with their government clients.
Result: After looking at their drawings and streamlining the allocation process we were able to find them an additional $60K in deductions.

Service: R&D Tax Credit
Industry: Engineering
Location: Jacksonville, FL
Company Size: 50 Employees
Background: The client is a multi-discipline civil engineering firm specializing in engineering better communities across Florida.
Result: The client was aware of the R&D tax credit but didn’t feel it was worth the effort. At the urging of industry colleagues, the client investigated the credit, and CTA’s name kept coming up. After seeking CTA’s advice, the firm qualified for the current and two previous years, significantly adding valuable dollars to their bottom line.

Service: R&D Tax Credit
Industry: Engineering/Planning
Location: North Carolina, Texas
Company Size: 350 Employees
Background: The client is a full-service civil engineering, land planning, landscape architecture, and geomatics firm.
Result: This risk-sensitive firm had little knowledge of the tax credit and chose not to pursue it to avoid possible IRS audits and exposure. After consulting with CTA, the firm opted to seek the R&D tax credit for the current and two prior years. Not only was the firm not audited, but it immediately received reimbursement from the IRS for the past two qualifying years.

Service: R&D Tax Credit
Industry: Engineering
Location: Boise, ID
Company Size: 30 Employees
Background: The client is a structural engineering and design firm specializing in manufacturing, commercial, and facilities markets.
Result: The client’s leadership team had heard of the R&D tax credit and had previously worked with another consulting firm for over a year to investigate qualifying. With no success, the firm switched to CTA. CTA collaborated with the client’s CPA to receive R&D tax credits for the current year and the prior two years resulting in a six-figure credit that allowed the engineering firm to renovate its company offices completely.

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