Manufacturing, whether a machine shop, product engineering firm, medical or technology business will qualify. Not only does manufacturing include the design and development of new or improved products, but also new or improved processes.

In addition to claiming the wages of employees involved in the development of manufacturing processes and products, the material costs associated with certain R&D activities may also be captured towards the credit. Other significant costs can include supplies used in the development of prototypes as well as machines used to improve product performance or process efficiencies.

Some examples of qualifying activities related to the manufacturing industry include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Design and development of new or improved products
  • PPAP activities on new designs
  • Design and development of new or improved tooling and fixtures
  • Design and development of new or improved equipment for the manufacturing process
  • Design and development of CNC programs
  • Development of manufacturing process improvements, including continuous improvements
  • Design and testing of prototypes
  • Testing and quality assurance of new or existing products and processes to meet client standards