Architecture & Engineering

A&E firms can take the credit if they’re working on complex building designs, including LEED and other energy-efficient standards. Civil, Mechanical, Structural, Electrical, and Environmental Engineering are outstanding candidates for the R&D Credit.

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Manufacturers can take the credit for developing new or improved products and improving their plant processes. Tooling, Fabrication, Chemical, Plastics, and Electronics all have activities to take the R&D Tax Credit.

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Medical Devices

If your company is developing a new medical device, or improving an existing one, your company is eligible to take the credit. You can use the money to keep working on your current project – or start your next big one.

Geographic Information System (GIS)

GIS companies who design to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present spatial qualify for R&D Tax Credit.

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Software developers qualify for significant R&D dollars. Programming source code, testing source code, developing software architecture, video game design, and financial platform design are all activities that qualify for the R&D Tax Credit.

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